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World Architecture: The Masterworks

Condition: Very Good


"World Architecture: The Masterworks" is a feast for your eyes and a stimulant for your cultural curiosity. Will Pryce doesn't just show you buildings; he takes you on a nuanced journey across time, inviting you to explore the context and genius behind the world's most striking architectural feats. This book offers more than just a glance—it's an engaging exploration that deepens your appreciation for human ingenuity manifested through structures. It's the perfect companion for anyone looking to understand the evolution of architecture and to revel in its most celebrated forms.

Asian Style Hotels: Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Condition: Very Good


If you're someone who dreams of luxurious escapes or you're a design aficionado looking for inspiration, "Asian Style Hotels" is a visual feast that could transport you to the most exquisite accommodations in Southeast Asia. Imagine flipping through pages that not only show you places where you might plan your next restful retreat but also give you a glimpse of cutting-edge design and exceptional architecture that could influence your own space.

New House Book

Condition: Well Read


If your dream is to create a space that balances style with practicality, Terence Conran's "New House Book" might just become your go-to resource. As it seamlessly blends inspiring photography from homes across the globe with tangible advice, it serves as a treasure trove for anyone eager to elevate their living space without breaking the bank.