Clean-Out With Thryft

Did you know that only 1% of our stuff is still being used six months after we buy it? Yep, our homes are just packed with things that we no longer use, need or love.

It’s time to give these items a new life. If you’ve got any books or clothes that no longer spark joy, send them our way!

Turn What You Have Into What You Want.

Trade in your preloved books or clothes for Thryft credits!

It's time to say goodbye to the stuff that no longer sparks joy and make room for the things you truly adore.

Send us those old books or clothes, gathering dust, and in return, get credits to splurge on secondhand items that will truly transform your space into the haven that you deserve!

About Trading-In With Thryft

Fair valuation

Every item's trade-in value is calculated using our unbiased, in-house algorithm.


No hidden tricks or surprises, just honest assessments that you can count on.


Declutter sustainably, and rest assured that your items will not go to waste.

Ready to Declutter?

1. Gather Your Items

Round up your items and make sure they check off our guidelines (see below).

Since your items will be heading to new homes, please pick out the ones that are still lovable to keep the Thryft experience delightful for everyone in our community!

Our Condition Guidelines


  • We accept any English language title of any genre. However, we do not take in: magazines, encyclopedias, pre-tertiary textbooks / assessment books and outdated tertiary textbooks.
  • Books should not contain water damage, broken/torn spines, torn/missing pages, heavy foxing, heavy annotations and/or writing on covers.
  • Books that are lightly annotated, while accepted, will be processed as lower in value.


  • We accept adult tops, dresses, activewear, outerwear (sweaters, coats & jackets), shirts, skirts, jeans and pants that are washed and clean.
  • We do not accept children's clothes, school / organisation-related wear, undergarments, socks, shoes, caps, hats, bags, swimwear, belts, ties, accessories and home clothes.
  • Clothes should not contain yellow/orange spots, mould, stains, odours, holes, missing buttons / zips / parts and/or severe pilling.

2. Choose Between Drop-off or Pick-up

Drop Off Any Quantity Free of Charge

a. Pack your items.

  1. Make sure your items meet our Condition Guidelines!
  2. Please use a sturdy box or bag, and pack books, clothes and vinyl records separately.
  3. Ensure that all bags and boxes are sealed tightly, as otherwise we can't take responsibility for any item that is lost.
  4. Label all your bags or boxes by referring to our Drop-Off FAQs right below.

b. Head over to our Drop-Off Point(s)!

Our Warehouse

WarehouseJoy, 23 Kian Teck Road, #02-00, Singapore 628774

Operates 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday (excluding PHs)

*Accessible via lift lobby outside of operating hours. Kindly note that with the exception of the drop-off point, the warehouse itself isn't open to public!

Thryft Hub (Coming Soon!)

We're working hard to bring you a new concept soon!

c. Fill up our Drop-Off Form

To help us process your items correctly and efficiently, please promptly fill in our Drop-Off Form once you drop off your items!

Simply scan the QR code displayed at our Drop-Off Point(s) to access the Drop-Off Form.

*Boxes/Bags missing labels and corresponding forms may get misplaced / will be treated as anonymous donations, if we can't find any relevant information. Please help us process your items accurately, by following our instructions!

Drop-Off FAQs

Pay S$10/box For a Courier Pick-Up

a. Pack your items.

  • Make sure your items meet our Condition Guidelines!
  • Pack items into sealed boxes, that you can try procuring from your nearest supermarket.
  • Every box you use will need its own shipping label. Take note each shipping label can only accommodate up to 10kg of items.

b. Fill in our Pick-Up Form.

c. Schedule your Pick-Up.

  • A link to schedule your Pick-Up date will be sent to you 3 to 5 working days after you submit your form.
  • Once you receive your link, the earliest Pick-Up date you can schedule will be 7 days from the date of scheduling, subject to availability.
  • We will email you shipping labels which you can self-print and attach to your boxes.

Pick-Up FAQs

Convenient Service

Send us your items, and we’ll do the work for you. Decluttering sustainably has never been easier.

Sustainability First

We strive to extend the life of each item through resale, reuse, and responsible recycling.

Every Item for Good

A portion of all our profits goes back to meaningful social causes close to home.

What Our Users Say

R David Knapp, Singapore
Verified review

"Fair and very transparent"

Big family of readers decided to downsize and clear our shelves. Didn't want to just toss what we loved. We looked at quite a few options and landed on Thryft because they seemed to share our love of books and, especially, because they looked well organised.

We weren't disappointed. They were clear about their policies and procedures. When we had questions, we got quick responses. Their pickup person was prompt.

We donated some books and traded others in. Total of over a dozen boxes. They must have some algorithm for trade-in value because some books that we thought might be valuable, weren't and other titles that we didn't think were worth much were. Point being that their process of valuing trade-ins seems fair and it is very transparent.

The prices on their website look fair as well. We're looking forward to spending our trade-in coupon.

Ho Kai Wen, Singapore
Verified review

"Great place for avid book readers"

Great place for avid book readers who have too many old books on their shelves to trade in for other books to replenish your shelves with (for free too with the trade-in credits you get). I've bought books from them on 5 separate occasions (one of them being at the book fair, which was a fun experience too!) and they all came without a hitch. Also, they offer a rewards program which allows you to earn points with each purchase that can go towards off-setting future purchases.

All in all Thryft is a great place for avid readers and I'd highly recommend them!