Do more with less.

We are an online sustainable thrift store bringing you quality, affordable books and clothes — while doing good for the people and the planet.

What makes us a sustainable thrift store?

We give back for every sale.

We make your purchases go further. Credits from donated books and an additional 1% of our profits go to non-profit organisations and initiatives to support efforts in tackling urgent environmental or social issues. Learn more about our impact here.

Carbon-neutral Shipping

We ship with carbon-neutral shipping via Shippit, who offsets 100% of the carbon emissions with Carbon Neutral Group.

Sustainable Packaging

We use a variety of sustainable packaging options from zero-plastic to 100% recycled plastic. Learn more about our packaging options here.

And of course, all our goods are second-hand.

Our books and clothes have been donated or traded-in by our wonderful users who are helping us build the best way to recirculate goods in Asia.

Join us in making used goods mainstream.

And impact individuals, communities and the planet for the better while doing it. After all, stories don't grow old, and fashion doesn’t have to go out of style.

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