About Thryft

Hello! We're an online thrift store built and based in Singapore, making shopping secondhand an easy choice for you!

Our journey began in 2019...

...when a bunch of us — students from the National University of Singapore spanning NUS Business School, the School of Computing, and Yale-NUS College — decided to shake things up.

We were eager to create a circular economy of good and saw the potential of e-commerce for preloved items. With a mission to unlock value for our users and community, we crammed as many books as we could into our dorm rooms and launched our first pilot right on the NUS campus.

And the rest is history!

Making thrifting a breeze

We've spent years bouncing between the drawing board and real-life tests, building, tweaking, and perfecting our platform.

Our mission? To make secondhand shopping accessible, convenient, and super simple for everyone.

To do so, we build recommerce systems, machine learning models, and AI to help us classify, inventory, and price all the fantastic preloved goods we take in.

Doing our best for the planet

When you shop with Thryft, you're not just getting awesome preloved books and clothes—you’re also saving thousands of trees and millions of liters of water!

Plus, we’re all about sustainable packaging. We even gift wrap local orders without tape, because we know shopping sustainably online can be a challenge. It takes a bit more time, but it's worth it for the environment!

Recycling responsibly

We want you to have an amazing thrifting experience with us. That’s why we’re picky about the quality of the books, clothes, and items we offer. But don’t worry — we do our best to recycle anything that doesn’t make the cut. We responsibly send those items to our recycling partners, making sure nothing goes to waste!

Giving back to our community

When you donate your items to us, you're not just decluttering—you’re making a real difference!

We convert the credits from your donated items into cash after they are sold, and donate to nonprofit organizations and initiatives tackling urgent environmental and social issues in our region.

Your secondhand journey awaits

Time for you to make a change, one preloved item at a time.

Don't just hear it from us

Han Hus, Singapore
Verified review

"Spoilt for choices"

My first experience with Thryft had me pleasantly surprised!

Other than the wide range of books available, majority are still in great condition. As above, I was spoilt for choices for different genres! It was like a treasure trove. Rilke was a gem to find, a literary book not often found in common bookstores. Throne of Glass was my first SJM book I’ve been meaning to get that set me off into a wonderful adventure spanning 8 books!! Also a classic Emma in this hard to find cover by the Jane Austen, a great addition for a collector. And lastly a non-fiction bestseller I get to keep for myself for ease of reference.

A great combination isn’t it?! All from Thryft! I loved finding new books and then old titles, it was refreshing and nostalgic at same time.

I guess most of all, I loved how the books were packed and shipped to me. It wasn’t just efficient, but they used eco friendly options and the touch of that string felt like I was opening up a wonderful gift... from myself!

Thank you so much for also taking in my old books and then giving me credits to get MORE books too!! I’ll definitely be back again!

Jason Neville, Singapore
Verified review

"Exceeded my expectations"

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the service I have received from Thryft so far.

The condition of books I have received has exceeded my expectations. Delivery has always been fast, and the packaging is immaculate.

I will keep a regular eye open for titles on my TBR list !!!

Adeline Tng, Singapore
Verified review

"Happy customer to support more sustainable book buying efforts and charity work at the same time"

I received my books yesterday and they were well packed and for the price paid, I am very happy with the condition of the books received. I will take note to share about Thryft to any of my book loving friends and will be happy to trade in or donate some books to Thryft when I next do my bookshelf clean out. 

Thank you for what you guys do at Thryft and am a happy customer to support more sustainable book buying efforts and charity work at the same time.

Have a great week ahead and thank you once again for the great shopping experience.

Michael Tham, Singapore
Verified review

"Super glad I found u guys"

My purchase was good. Delivery was fast and trackable. Packing of the books was neat using recyclable materials. Condition of the books came as described. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading it now. Super glad I found u guys while searching for my books and it's good that u guys have it. Will definitely purchase again soon

More About Us

Our Impact

Want to see the impact you’re making? Learn more about it here.

Our Process

We want the best thrifting experience for you, so not every item that we receive is going to meet our quality standards and make it to the Thryft store.

Sustainable Packaging

We believe in avoiding unnecessary packaging waste as much as possible.

Though our packing methods might be more time-consuming, it's a labour of love from us to you and our planet.