Choosing second-hand first

At Thryft, we believe in creating a sustainable reading culture by extending the shelf life of each book. Instead of piling up more titles at home, we give second-hand books new lives to be loved and read again. This way, you don't have to purchase brand new copies that you might only read once or twice, and you’ll be helping to build a circular economy with minimal wastage.

Making every book count

Every book that you trade-in or donate is important to us — even when they don’t make the cut for our webstore. If books do not pass our quality checks, we donate them to non-profit organisations or recycle them responsibly with our recycling partner. At Thryft, none of your books will go to waste.

Using business to empower communities

When you choose Thryft, you are supporting meaningful social and environmental causes. Other than donating 10% of profits from Thryft Singapore’s books to charities, we actively work with non-profit organisations through our Books For Charity and Partners For Change programmes. Every step of your journey with us makes a difference.

More than just a business, Thryft believes in doing well by doing good.

Whether you are buying a few second-hand books, trading-in your preloved titles, or simply beginning to rethink your consumption habits, come join us on a journey to make reading a realistic and sustainable goal for all.