Shipping & Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends to how we package and ship your orders to you.

Find on this page the locations we ship to, costs of shipping, and
when you can expect your order once it is placed!

Earth-friendly Delivery

We ship with carbon-neutral shipping via Shippit, who offsets 100% of the carbon emissions with Carbon Neutral Group.

We currently accept orders from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. (Not listed here? Tell us!)

Delivering Good, Everywhere

Planet-Positive Parcels

We’re committed to sustainable practices by choosing second-hand first and opting for plastic-free packaging.

Paper and Jute String

The original zero-plastic crowd favourite, and a nostalgic unwrapping experience.

From our very first order to our present orders over four years later, it's a labour of love from us to you!

100% Recycled Plastic/ Biodegradable Mailers

Orders travelling the distance need a little more protection. For these orders, we pack with 100% recycled plastic or biodegradable mailers.

Not only does it give plastics already in circulation a second life, it keeps your goods safe and dry.

Upcycled Boxes

Making a larger order? We'll pack your items in upcycled boxes attached with Thryft stickers for identifiability.

Your boxes are secured with kraft tape which are not only stronger than standard packing tape, but are also made of natural materials!

What our customers have to say

Zue Paus, Malaysia
Verified review

"Experience is tremendous"

This is my first time using Thryft to buy books and the experience is tremendous.

The price also ridiculously cheap n affordable, postage free too!

I can't say much about the books I bought because it is depending on your own taste n selection.

Mine are various, from rugby to interior/architecture. I bought a book about manga too, and because of the condition, they sent as a gift. Really appreciate it.

To buy also very easy, payment gateway also very friendly.

The packaging also very good, they pack it in box so all my books are 💯% protected.

Oh yes, the most important is the customer experience rep is very helpful, friendly and professional.

I will buy again, definitely!

Anne Cavanagh, New Zealand
Verified review

"Most impressive"

Thryft was the only company that had for sale a book that I really wanted. I could not complete my on-line purchase because New Zealand was not a country Thryft shipped to. I expressed my disappointment and consequently received advice that NZ had been added to the shipping list, and I now have my precious book. Thryft's Customer Support person was excellent to deal with - most impressive. Thank you.

Sophia Wan, East Malaysia
Verified review

"Packaging is beautiful and environmentally-oriented. Product qualities are also "excellent""

Very friendly, honest and helpful customer service
. When I first purchased from them, they emailed me back to say that after rechecking, they will refund the differences in cost of some books that were "good" quality instead of "very good" quality.

I also requested for help for deliveries to East Malaysia, which the company then started providing in the next month.

Packaging is beautiful and environmentally-oriented. Product qualities are also "excellent", though listed as "good/very good". 😁