Doing good for people and planet.

We make sure that whether you are donating your items, trading-in for other goods, or simply making a purchase, every step of your journey with Thryft makes a difference.

The problem of our generation

Did you know? 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions is caused by the production and use of household goods and services, but only 1% of “stuff” is still in use six months from its purchase.

Our mission is to create a way to consume that is easy on your wallet and the planet while also directly contributing to communities in need. Win-win-win!

With supporters like you, we're getting closer everyday.

$19310.53 raised

With your help, we donate credits raised from donated books to social and environmental causes.

Over 77,000 items rehomed

Saving over 2 thousand trees and 22 million litres of water.

The savings that truly matter

By giving and committing to social and environmental initiatives, we bridge the gap between consumption and doing good.

This way, you don’t just feel better when you thrift with us, but we all do better too.

Partners you've made a difference to

Lakeside Family Services

$4050.84 donated towards children and youth services.


$2500.86 donated towards their CareNights programme to provide evening care services for families in need.

Methodist Welfare Services

$2257.07 donated to assist two low-income families through the pandemic.


$1,476.76 to their For Nature For Us community and recovery programme.

Project Chulia Street

200 wash basins given to migrant workers during the COVID-19 lockdown to improve their qulaity of life.

The Food Bank Singapore

22 meals and delivery provided for people in need during COVID-19.

New Hope Community Services

Sponsored a life skills training programme at their shelter for displaced families, and the cost of meals and utilities for one shelter resident.

Blessings in a Bag

Over 160 books sold on their behalf on our platform, with 100% profits going back to them.

Our Purpose in Action

Sustainable Packaging

We believe in avoiding unnecessary packaging waste as much as possible.

Though our packing methods might be more time-consuming, it's a labour of love from us to you and our planet.

Our Process

We want the best thrifting experience for you, so not every item that we receive is going to meet our quality standards and make it to the Thryft store.

Shop Secondhand

Secondhand does not have to mean second rate — when handled with care, they can be as good as new.

By choosing Thryft, you choose to reduce waste and give used items a new life.