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Nominated Titles For The Booker Prize

THE BOOKER PRIZE, considered the world’s leading literary prize, nominates titles that aren’t only contemporary, they’re believed to endure and join the pantheon of great literature.

Here, we've compiled for you a list of longlisted, shortlisted and winning titles you can find in our store. Learn more, in our blog post!

25 Results

A unique and thought-provoking story of a comedian unraveling on stage and revealing his personal history of betrayal and guilt, provoking a mix of emotions from laughter to tears. The book provides a deep insight into the human condition and the internal struggles we all face. Highly recommended for those who enjoy complex character development and unconventional storytelling.
The Bone Clocks is a perfect blend of fantasy, science fiction and realism. The intricate story is packed with well-rounded characters and unpredictable plot twists that make for a thrilling read. David Mitchell's storytelling and writing style are unique and captivating, making this book a must-read for fans of epic and genre-bending novels.
"The Glass Room" is a captivating novel that takes readers on a journey through a tumultuous time in Eastern Europe's history. The Landauer House, with its unique Glass Room, serves as the backdrop for a story that encompasses love and lust, hope and despair, and the incredible ability of humans to survive even the toughest times. The book's most unique feature is how it seamlessly weaves together history and architecture to create a gripping and thought-provoking tale that is sure to leave readers spellbound.
Jamaica, 1976. Seven gunmen storm Bob Marley's house, machine guns blazing. The reggae superstar survives, but the gunmen are never caught. From the acclaimed author of The Book of Night Women comes a dazzling display of masterful storytelling exploring this near-mythic event. Spanning three decades and crossing continents, A Brief History of Seven Killings chronicles the lives of a host of unforgettable characters – slum kids, one-night stands, drug lords, girlfriends, gunmen, journalists, and even the CIA. Gripping and inventive, ambitious and mesmerising, A Brief History of Seven Killings is one of the most remarkable and extraordinary novels of the twenty-first century
This book is a haunting and unsettling exploration of the dark and disturbing dynamics within a family. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Jas, the reader is taken on a journey into the twisted fantasies and experiences that emerge after a tragic accident. The author's unique and vivid language, expertly translated by Michele Hutchison, captures the wild and violent beauty of the story. If you're looking for a challenging and thought-provoking read that delves into the depths of human imagination and family relationships, this book is for you.
In one of the most acclaimed and original novels of recent years, Kazuo Ishiguro imagines the lives of a group of students growing up in a darkle skewered version of contemporary England. Narrated by Kathy, now thirty-one, Never Let Me Go hauntingly dramatises her attempts to come to terms with her childhood at the seemingly idyllic Hailsham School, and with the fate that has always awaited her and her closest friends in the wider world. A story of love, friendship and memory, Never Let Me Go is charged throughout with a sense of the fragility of life.
"The Book of Evidence" could be a good read for those interested in psychological thrillers. The book's unique and distinctive feature is the protagonist's chillingly articulate, self-aware, and amoral nature, which makes for a compelling and unsettling read. Users may appreciate the book's exploration of the depths of human nature and the consequences of one's actions.
This book would be a good read for someone looking to explore unconventional family relationships. The beautifully crafted narrative takes you on a journey of self-discovery as the protagonist, Rosemary, navigates the complexities of her family dynamics. With its clever storytelling and thought-provoking insights, this book will keep you engaged from beginning to end, leaving you with a deeper understanding of the bonds that shape us.
"The Teleportation Accident" would be a great read for those who enjoy historical fiction with a twist. Ned Beauman's humor and wit adds an interesting layer to the novel's mystery. The book explores themes of sex, violence, space, and time while following protagonist Egon Loeser as he tries to solve two mysteries. The novel is set in various cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Los Angeles during the 1930s. The unique storytelling and unconventional narrative makes it a standout read.
Recommended for fans of surrealist fiction and engaging narrative. Immerse yourself in a world of murderous feuds and precognition phenomena through the eyes of Holly Sykes, as David Mitchell delivers a spellbinding masterpiece that meditates on mortality and chronicles our self-devouring times.
"The Finkler Question" is a witty exploration of identity, love, and loss. It follows the story of three old school friends who reconnect and share their experiences of lost love. The protagonist, Julian Treslove, experiences a life-changing event that challenges his sense of self. Recommended for readers who enjoy thought-provoking and humorous literary fiction.
Swing Time is an excellent read for anyone interested in exploring the themes of race and class, as well as the complexities of friendship. Zadie Smith excels at capturing the nuances of human interactions and the impact of societal expectations on people's lives. The novel's unique feature is its exploration of the role of music in shaping identity and the intersectionality of race and class in the world of dance. The prose is rich and evocative, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the story and the characters. Overall, Swing Time is a must-read for anyone looking for an engaging and thought-provoking novel.
The White Tiger is an exciting, thought-provoking read that takes you on a journey through modern India's caste society. Aravind Adiga's narrative genius shines in this story, which follows a poor Bangalore driver's rise to the upper echelons of Indian business culture. With sharp wit and a touch of irreverence, Adiga tackles complex issues of poverty and corruption in a compelling and unique way, making The White Tiger a must-read for those interested in contemporary Indian literature and the darker side of ambition.
If you're drawn to the intricate tapestry of history unfurling amidst chaos, "The Siege of Krishnapur" offers just that—a blend of suspense, humor, and profound insights into civilization's fragility. It's a page-turner that doesn't just rely on action, but dives deep into a riveting period of history, examining both the heroism and insanity that crisis can provoke. The book doesn't shy away from the details, whether it's the mechanics of war or the sociology of a siege. Its Booker Prize isn't merely a decoration, but a testament to its layered narrative and lasting impact.
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2012, Deborah Levy's Swimming Home combines linguistic virtuosity and technical brilliance with a strong sense of what it means to be alive. As he arrives with his family at the villa in the hills above Nice, Joe sees a body in the swimming pool. But the girl is very much alive. She is Kitty Finch: a self-proclaimed botanist with green-painted fingernails, walking naked out of the water and into their holiday. Why is she there? What does she want from them? And why does Joe's wife allow her to remain?
"The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida" is a gripping, dark yet humorous novel that follows the journey of Maali Almeida, a war photographer, who wakes up dead and must contact his loved ones in the afterlife. The book beautifully interweaves Sri Lankan history, politics and culture with Maali's personal story. The most unique and distinctive feature of the book is its engaging exploration of the afterlife and its vividly depicted characters. Recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction with a twist.
This book is a wonderful and nostalgic journey back in time to our own childhood, reminding the reader of the defining moments of growing up that can so easily be forgotten. The author's use of humor and charm make this story both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, allowing readers to relate to Paddy's journey as he grapples with growing up in his own unique way. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to remember the joys and struggles of childhood.
The Bone Clocks is a unique and captivating novel that takes on a journey through time, space, and alternate realities. Mitchell's writing is imaginative, and the characters are compelling with their flaws and strengths. If you enjoy science-fiction novels that play with reality and span over different timelines, The Bone Clocks is a fantastic recommendation for you. Be prepared to be transported into an intricate and bizarre world with unexpected plot twists that will leave you thinking about the book long after you've turned the last page.
Serious Sweet can be a good read for those who appreciate unconventional love stories with complex characters. The book captures the essence of a changing London, and how two individuals navigate their way through the city to find love and safety. A.L. Kennedy's writing is poignant, beautiful, and will leave you moved.
"History of the Rain" is a beautifully written novel that celebrates the power of storytelling, the love of books and the healing power of imagination. It follows the story of Plain Ruth Swain as she searches for her father through the history of her ancestors. The novel's unique feature is its poetic prose that sings in every sentence. If you enjoy novels with a strong sense of place, complex family dynamics, and a touch of magical realism, then this book is for you.
Celestial Bodies is a beautifully crafted novel that explores the evolution of Oman's traditional society through the personal lives and loves of three sisters. The novel touches on themes of tradition, duty, and love. It is written in a beautifully structured manner that helps the reader to stay hooked from beginning to end. This book is recommended for readers who enjoy character-driven stories with themes of cultural evolution and personal relationships.
Reservoir 13 is a beautiful exploration of life, loss, and human nature. The book elegantly depicts the rhythms of everyday life in a small village and the impact of a tragedy on its inhabitants. The story spans thirteen years, revealing the aftershocks of a stranger's tragedy in the lives of many, while life goes on. The book is a testament to the power of nature, human resilience, and the extraordinary ability of people to experience both joy and suffering. Reservoir 13 is for readers seeking a poignant narrative that beautifully captures the essence of human emotion and experiences.
"The Fortune Men" could be a good read for those interested in historical fiction that delves into challenging and relevant themes such as prejudice and injustice. The author, Nadifa Mohamed, skillfully weaves together the grand sweep of history with the intimate details of individual human lives, creating a powerful and timely narrative. Readers looking for a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant story will find much to appreciate in this book.
Tomorrow I'll Be Twenty is a delightful book that takes you on a journey through an African childhood in Congo. It is a heartwarming story that blends humor and poignancy in equal measure. The book's unique feature is the way it captures the dreams, love, and traditions of an African childhood. If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and think all at the same time, then this book is for you.
A Tale for the Time Being is a captivating and deeply moving novel that explores the complexities of time and existence. With its blend of humor, history, and quantum physics, the book is a unique and thought-provoking read that will leave a lasting impression on readers. The story of Nao and Ruth is particularly compelling, as their lives become intertwined in unexpected ways. If you are looking for a book that challenges your perspective on the world and the nature of reality, A Tale for the Time Being is a must-read.