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Storybox - Curated Book Bundle to Help Your Young Reader Grow

A treasure trove of gently loved children's books, handpicked to spark your child's imagination!

Choose your child's reading level, tell us a little about your child's interests, and let our team take care of the rest.

Books chosen according to your child's interests and reading needs

Our book boxes are designed to captivate young minds with a variety of genres, authors, and themes, ensuring your child's reading journey is never dull.

Delivered right to your doorstep

Sit back, relax, and watch your child's face light up with joy as they unbox their personalised selection of second-hand children's books when you order with us.

Do good for the earth

By choosing second-hand books, you're not only giving these stories a new life but also helping to protect our planet by reducing waste.

Storybox: Children's Book Boxes for Every Stage of Reading


Inspire your young reader with our personalised book box! Each Storybox contains 5 books handpicked by our team.

To place an order, choose a Reading Level and a Theme. When curating, we'd select 3 to 4 books from your selected theme, and 1 to 2 books from another theme that we think compatible, to provide some variety. 

If you'd like to further personalise your box, you can fill in an optional form after you've placed your order! Please do so within 24 hours, so we can start on putting your Storybox together!

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Sample Titles in Your 'Preschool' Storybox

Ages 2 - 6


Start creating the building blocks of your child’s world with these picture books that help to break down and introduce the large, wide, world to them.

Sample Titles in Your 'Early Readers / Lower Primary' Storybox

Ages 7 - 9

Early Readers / Lower Primary

Expand your child’s world and excite their imagination with colourful, adventure books, or informative books made just for children.

Sample Titles in Your 'Upper Primary' Storybox

Ages 10 - 12

Upper Primary

Encourage a complex understanding of life and our world with books that introduce more elaborate themes.

Sample Titles in Your 'Youths' Storybox

Ages 13 - 14


Help your teen find their own way around this world with these books that address deeper ideas and challenging themes.


Explore the wonders of the worlds with us.