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Paper and Jute String

The original zero-plastic crowd favourite. From our very first order to our present orders over three years later, we are proud to continue our commitment of wrapping your orders with just paper and jute string.

100% Recycled Plastic Mailers

For orders travelling the distance and needing a little more protection, we pack your orders in 100% recycled plastic mailers.

Not only does it give plastics already in circulation a second life, it also has a second adhesive strip so that the mailer can be reused once more after you receive your goods!

SWOP Reusable E-commerce Packaging

Ordering 6 items or less in Singapore? You are eligible to opt for the SWOP reusable e-commerce packaging at check-out!

When you do so, your order will come together with a return label that allows you to conveniently drop-off the packaging at any Singapore Post posting boxes across the island, so that the packaging comes back to us to be used for its next order.

Upcycled Boxes

Making a larger order? We'll pack your items in upcycled boxes attached with Thryft stickers for identifiability.

Your boxes are secured with gum tape which are not only stronger than standard packing tape, but are also made of natural materials!