New, larger format -- even easier to read! -- edition of this classic self-help health title. Still includes the pull out chart. The original Bates Method book was a classic -- but in a tiny little A format and with a Victorian looking design that was hard to read -- and in much need of updating for today's market. So the new edition has an increased the page size and a clear, modern design that's easy to read and follow. The rationale behind the Bates Method is that if you wear glasses or contact lenses, chances are you don't really need to. Prescription lenses act as a prop for the eye muscles so over time the eyes actually get weaker. In the long term, glasses will only ever weaken the eyes. The Bates Method restores sight firstly with a series of exercises that relax and soothe the eye muscles -- the equivalent of massaging away tension build up -- and secondly retrains the relaxed eyes to focus effectively. The exercises are straightforward and easy to incorporate into daily life.

Author: William H. Bates
Format: Paperback
Edition: New edition
Number of Pages: 224
Publisher: HarperCollins s
Publication Date: 04 Dec 2000

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