Over the last five years, the world of architecture has seen enormous changes in the sensibilities of young architects engaged in the complex issues presented by computerization and globalization. Their responses to this ever-shifting background for architecture and urbanism are surprising and challenging, and provide clues to how we might live and work in the future.The brainchild of eminent critic and curator Frederic Migayrou, ArchiLab draws on an unprecedented range of sources and inspiration. The young architects featured here are extending the boundaries of spatialization, construction, and the human understanding of the built world. The results are richly varied and instructive: coming from very different cultural contexts, each studio filters its work through personal and often political reactions to local conditions and global trends.The architects are described through detailed profiles, and their most recent projects are presented in over 2,000 illustrations. With essays by today's leading critics, historians, and theoreticians, this ambitious volume is a phenomenal collection of architectural ideas, a stunning visual documentation, and an inexhaustible source of design inspiration.

Author: Frederic Migayrou
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 528
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication Date: 23 Jun 2003

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