A fictional account of the life and reign of the English monarch Alfred the Great recounts the warrior's saving of England from the Danes, his reforms that transformed England, and his romance with Elspeth, princess of Mercia

From Publishers Weekly:

At the outset of this powerfully wrought historical romance set in ninth-century Britain, Wolf lists her Anglo-Saxon characters, at least half of whose names begin with "Ethel." It's an aid readers will often turn to as the action-packed plot develops. Alfred, dubbed by history "the Great," succeeds to the kingdom of Wessex on the death of his beloved brother, Ethelred. He is aided in his struggle against the invading pagan Danes by his haughty young wife, Elswyth, of the kingdom of Mercia. As warrior-king, Alfred establishes a governmental system; as Latinist, he translates the poetry and classics that become the foundation of English literature; as a Christian he puts into practice the principles to which he was devoted. Around Alfred's magnificent defense of the English nation, Wolf ( Born of the Sun ) weaves convincing subplots of passionate love and betrayal that embellish the bare bones of history. Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Author: Joan Wolf
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 560
Publisher: HarperCollins s
Publication Date: 26 Sep 1991

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