A remarkable place where geography has defined history, Wallula Gap is that narrowing of the mighty Columbia River halfway between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean where the Ice Age floods rushed through. In this book, Bob Carson and his colleagues tell a fascinating story of a striking land where the forces of geology worked on a spectacular scale, of a desert oasis where Native Americans, explorers, fur traders, promoters and entrepreneurs, and modern-day agriculturalists and wind farmers have all made their mark. Through the prism of Wallula, the historic gateway to the Columbia Plateau, readers learn much about the region in Where the Great River Bends.

About the Author:

Robert J. Carson, editor and one of the authors, is Phillips Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. After he earned a Bachelor of Arts in geology from Cornell University, he worked for Texaco Inc. His other geology degrees are a Master of Science from Tulane University and a doctorate from the University of Washington. Summer employment included Washington s Department of Ecology and Division of Geology and Earth Resources. His interests are in the earth and environmental sciences, and his courses deal with resources and pollution, human interaction with the biosphere, glaciers, volcanoes, water, landforms and natural hazards. A whitewater guide and a member of the American Alpine Club, he has led field trips in Africa, Eurasia, South America and throughout North America.

Author: Michael E. Denny
Format: Soft cover
Publisher: Keokee Co Pub Inc
Publication Date: 15 Nov 2008

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