This guide fuses the wisdom of the East and West, and explores how ancient Asian battle strategies and cultural mindsets can be applied today to achieve mental toughness and winning business techniques. Drawn from a formula for mental toughness devised in a 1911 handbook for success called "Thick Black Theory" (which has been banned in China ever since), this book argues that there can be no real enlightenment without a full awareness of the dark side. To achieve success in professional and personal lives, one must "thicken" one's face to create a shield that perserves natural self-esteem, and "blacken" one's heart. The result is a definition of the successful modern business hero as a person of unceasing contemplation and unfettered action. The utilization of the power of this book allows each reader to discover the destiny to which one must be true.
Going beyond Sun Tzu's "Art of War", this book shows readers how to: find the inner warrior, and conquer all in one's path; claim one's natural right to dazzling wealth; apply deception without sin to win the deal one wants; dare to succeed by cultivating the courage to fail; use the art of deception without compromising values to win the deal one wants; unchain a killer instinct in the service of a life-affirming cause; and transform negative qualities to one's advantage. Chin-Ning Chu is the author of "The Asian Mind Game".

Author: Chin-Ning Chu
Format: Paperback
Edition: New edition
Number of Pages: 380
Publisher: John Murray Press
Publication Date: 30 Apr 1995

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