Where is the Secret City?When
Paulina gets a phone call from home telling her that a friend is missing
the Thea Sisters travel to Peru to help solve the mystery. There, the
five mice climb the Andes Mountains in search of a missing
archaeologist. Along the way, they stumble upon clues leading them to a
mysterious hidden city. Will the Thea Sisters find Paulina's friend -
and the treasure of the Secret City?Meet the Thea Sisters!Nicky is always in a good mood when she's outdoors.Colette is energetic and full of great ideas.Pamela is a peacemaker who can't stand arguments.Paulina loves travelling and helping other rodents.Violet is detail-oriented and always open to new things.

Author: Thea Stilton
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 176
Publisher: Scholastic US
Publication Date: 01 Jun 2010

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