Is Your Company Ready for the 21st Century?In today's highly competitive world, the top-down power structure that defines so many struggling organizations is outmoded. That's why savvy business leaders are exploring a new streamlined approach that strips away middle-management bureaucracy and allows communication to flow freely. Organizations everywhere have found that this horizontal structure spurs creativity, empowers employees, encourages learning, and increases customer satisfaction. The Mission-Driven Organization shows you step by step how to reinvigorate your company with this new way of thinking. Inside, you'll learn how to:·Draft and communicate a powerful vision statement ·Create the teamwork necessary to realize your vision ·Understand and manage rapid change ·Build participation and handle conflict ·Keep the vision a permanent part of the company—not a "plan of the month" ·And much more!Designed to help you blow the doors off your slower-moving competition, this book can be your company's road map to long-lasting success."An excellent guide for creating an organization's shared vision, mission, and guiding principles. The result is a balanced and blended set of management methods that are realistic and useful for managing change and making cultural improvement."—Wendell Jones, Ph.D., general manager, McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace Information Services"Not only hits the target conceptually but gives a no-nonsense practical formula to accomplish the objective. The book works."—Kerry Larson, Ph.D., vice president, People Development, McGraw Cellular Communications, Inc.

About the Author:

Bob Wall is president of Bob Wall and Associates, a management-consulting firm that focuses on the interpersonal challenges of organizations.Mark R. Sobol, principal of Leadership Strategies International, combines the insight of a senior executive with an extensive worldwide consulting background.Robert S. Solum was a recognized innovator in the areas of teamwork, change management, and the psychology of performance.

Author: Robert Solum
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Publisher: Pearson Professional Education
Publication Date: 30 Nov 1999

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