Ned Herrmann s widely acclaimed book traces the scientific and historical basis of his innovative Whole Brain® Thinking approach. Filled with personal anecdotes, data, useful charts and practical, easy-to-apply models, it will inspire and entertain readers while showing them how to enhance creativity at both the individual and organizational levels.

About the Author:

Ned Herrmann, founder of Herrmann International and the originator of Whole Brain® Thinking first pioneered the study of the brain in the field of business while working as Manager of General Electric Corporation s Management Education. Herrmann wrote a widely acclaimed book, The Creative Brain, tracing the scientific and historical roots of his innovative Whole Brain® Thinking approach. In 1995, McGraw Hill published Herrmann s next groundbreaker: The Whole Brain Business Book, creating a new benchmark in the hot arena of mind research and its applications to business.

Author: Ned Herrmann
Format: Hardback
Edition: Revised
Number of Pages: 456
Publisher: Ned Herrmann Group, the
Publication Date: 01 Dec 1990

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