The temples of the North of Egypt are deserted, the Gods forgotten. Everyone thinks only of himself, and corruption and injustice reign. Five centuries after the reign of Ramses, the empire seems to be heading irrevocably towards destruction. But one man refuses to accept this. Peye, the black pharaoh, rules his Southern kingdom with wisdom and kindness. He has only one wish: to return the Gods to a united Egypt. But the price to pay for this will be heavy: he will need to confront the Lybian Tefnakt, an authoritarian and amibitious prince of the North, who is looking to take the country by force. War is inevitable between the two. Despite his courage and bravery, will the Black Pharaoh really be capable of achieving the impossible?

Author: Christian Jacq
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 352
Publication Date: 03 Jul 2000

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