An annual publication, The Birthday Book examines emerging challenges and opportunities for Singapore, based on a selected prompt. The number of writers each year matches Singapore's age-52 for 2017, 53 for 2018, and so on. This edition presents 52 responses to "What Should We Never Forget?" The contributors have drawn from personal encounters, academic and professional experiences, and cornerstone values in their lives. Read their stories for a glimpse of our nation's spirit-mortal, vulnerable, restless, resilient, and aspirational. What's your response?

Featuring essays by Alisha Gill, Alvin Pang, Amanda Chong, Andrea Phua, Bertil Andersson, Christopher Chok, Chua Jun Yan, Daryl Lim, Dawn Yip, Elvin Too, Eugene Lim, Gan Su-lin, Geetha Creffield, Genevieve Ding, Ho Ren Hua, Honor Harger, Isaac Timothy Tay, Iva Aminuddin, James Crabtree, Jen Wei Qing, Jolene Tan, Justin Daniel Pereira, Karen Tay, Keith Toh, Khairul Anwar, Khairul Rusydi, Lien Choong Luen, Lim Kexin, Low Ee Ling, Lynette Ooi, Mariam Aljunied, Mohd Faizal, Moses Soh, Nazry Bahrawi, Patsian Low, Prakash Somosundram, Rahul Daswani, S. Gopinathan, Sabina Ahmed, Sim Phei Sunn, Sriven Naidu, Steven Chia, Tan Bao Jia, Tan Eng Teck, Tan Min-Wei, Theophilus Kwek, Vincent Chua, Viswa Sadasivan, Wendy Wong, Winnie Lim, Wu Jiezhen, Wu Wei Neng

Authors: Sheila Pakir, Malminderjit Singh
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ethos Books
Publication Date: 2017

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