From the founder of The Change Companies comes a collection of life lessons, true stories, and embarrassing self-disclosures illuminating how small choices made each day can create joy, meaning, and lasting change.

While to-do lists and failed resolutions discourage people from believing that change is possible, Binder-Man (in full cape and with four-color graphics!) proves that change really isn't all that difficult and that sometimes it begins with just a simple step--or a series of missteps.

Binder-Man was born over twenty years ago when the multimillion-dollar Change Companies was just a start-up, developing their signature brand of interactive journals. In those long early days, the staff spent hours on end filling orders by monotonously placing pages into three-ring binders. Hoping to bring much-needed comic relief to his team, company owner Don Kuhl morphed into the eccentric character of Binder-Man, complete with flowing cape and red earmuffs. The spirit of Binder-Man was contagious and The Change Companies thrived, selling more than 20 million journals worldwide.

Based on his years igniting change in others, Kuhl shares brief, engaging narratives on a variety of eclectic topics--the significance of navel-gazing, leaking toilets, tattooed strangers, and a frog named Apples. With humor, honesty, and the essential principles of behavior change, Kuhl invites readers on a highly pictorial and enlightening adventure, inspiring them to make emotional, spiritual, and physical changes in their own lives, and opening a great new world of opportunity and joy.

Author: Don Kuhl
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 168
Publication Date: 01 Nov 2013

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