Tender Delirium is Tania De Rozario's first collection of poetry and short prose. It brings together (but is not limited to) estranged lovers, despairing mothers and the avenging spirits of murdered women, in an assortment of words that celebrate queer desire, obsessive longing and a general disregard for "proper" subject matter. Comprising selected work written over the course of a decade, the largely confessional collection has been described as dark and hysterical ... but in a good way.

"Reading Tania De Rozario's poems is to swallow fire or drink liquid nitrogen. This is no contradiction—the poet's red-hot honesty and wit, framed in a voice that is chillingly sober and vulnerable, ensure that her words are not for the bland or emotionally-vacant. Funny, brave, ever-hopeful and always heart-breaking, her poetry will move you—and knock you off your feet."
— Cyril Wong, Author of Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light

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