Read it, pray about it, and take it to heart!If you're like many believers, your daily quiet time with God'sWord is missing something. After spending some time reading andpraying, you close your Bible, dash off to attend to your onemillion daily responsibilities-and the impact of God's truth isforced to take a backseat in your mind and heart.To enrich your quiet time, spend your next sixty days with thiscollection of devotions. With each chapter you'll encounter storiesthat make you laugh, struggles you can relate to, and questionsthat make you think. These devotions can be read in a few minutesbut will inspire thought and reflection that will stay with youthroughout the day.Christin Ditchfield's anecdotal style and depth of biblicalknowledge make this an inviting, enriching collection for anybeliever. These daily messages steer you back into God's Word, urging you to read it, pray about it, and take it to heart.

Author: Christin Ditchfield
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 01 Feb 2005

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