Off With Their Heads, the follow-up to the bestselling Thirty Days Has September, is bursting with the best bits from British history. This book will inspire a love of history that will last a lifetime and is a lovely gift from parent to child to help all school children get to grips with British history.
Contents include:
. Rules to remember the rulers of Britain
. Clue-up on the cruel fate of all six of Henry VIII's wives
. Become an expert on the inventions of the Industrial Revolution
. Be wise to the bloody battles of the Hundred Years War
. Swat-up on stories of the Saxons' successes
. Get to grips with the gunpowder plot
. Understand the Easter Uprising
. Roam about in Roman Britain
. What was the War of the Roses?
. Learn a poem to understand the events leading up to WW1

Author: Martin Oliver
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 128
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
Publication Date: 09 Jul 2010

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