Material Matters: New Materials in Design is a unique exploration of the range of high-tech materials being developed today. The profiled materials are discussed in relation to their ground breaking qualities, manufacture and uses in all spectrums of design and contemporary life from answering some of the conundrums about our everyday objects, to the detailed composition of a cross-section of the powerful tools in disciplines as disparate as medicine and space engineering. Highly illustrated and clearly laid out, Material Matters compact size makes it ideal as a handy reference book, providing both fresh inspiration and novel resources for designers, architects, engineers and artists alike. Material Matters profiles the most fascinating materials developed in recent years with full-page profiles and colourful and explanatory illustrations. Examples include Aerogel or 'frozen smoke' developed by NASA: the lightest solid on earth at 99.8 per cent air; heat activated paint for colour changing wallpaper and 'liquid wood', hailed as "the plastic of tomorrow". Detailed profiles are accompanied by texts that discuss the fusion of science, art and design, in the creation of these substances and their importance to contemporary life, sustainability and expanding technologies. The book also explores the work of cutting edge designers Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove, Apple, NASA, Intel, Ron Arad, along with many other household names. Through the application of theory, the scope for creativity in the development of new substances is potentially limitless. The rate at which new materials are being developed, discovered and utilised is ever increasing there were more materials developed in the twentieth century than there had been in the whole history of the world preceding it. Material Matters is a timely and invaluable showcase of the incredible materials that have been developed to date, and projects the insatiably curious into the future of this exciting area with up-to-date entries. Eye-opening and accessible, this title challenges the mind and astonishes the senses with its fascinating plethora of revolutionary new materials. ILLUSTRATIONS: 270 colour & b/w

Author: Phil Howes
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Publisher: Black Dog Press
Publication Date: 21 Aug 2012

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