Essentials of Economics 2eJohn SlomanEssentials of Economics is designed with one overriding aim: to make this exciting and highly relevant subject clear, easy to understand and accessible. The book puts economics in the context of the real world, bringing the subject alive and giving students an insight into the economy in which we live and the economic forces which shape all of our lives. Essentials of Economics is an abridged version of Sloman's main text, Economics 4e. Some passages have been directly transcribed, while others have been extensively rewritten in order to provide a consistent coverage of only the core principles of economics and their applications. The second edition of this highly regarded and successful text retains many of the features of the first but has also been extensively updated to reflect changes and address new and contemporary issues. Features? Attractive 2 colour design.? Direct and straightforward writing style. ? Numerous up-to-date examples which illustrate the arguments in the text.? Review Questions at the end of each chapter with answers to odd-numbered questions.? Numerous boxes provide case studies, news items, applications or elaborations o

Author: John Sloman
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 576
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 23 Mar 2001

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