PAPER FOLDING, ORIGAMI. The adept origamist can produce anything from a
simple dog or chicken to amazing geometric models and this book shows
exactly how. Featuring hundreds of specially drawn, step-by-step diagrams,
clear instructions from master origamist and author David Mitchell, and
beautiful photographs of the finished pieces, it contains projects ranging
from very simple pieces that can be achieved with a few basic folds, to
complex birds with flapping wings.As well as the Japanese crane, Verdi's
vase and the octahedral pyramid, the book shows how to make games and toys,
such as basketball hoops and classic paper planes that can be used to while
away an idle hour. It also showcases projects that can be made using non-
traditional papers, such as sticky notes, that can be found anywhere.With
over 25 projects to choose from, all presented in full colour, "Complete
Origami" will enable anyone to enjoy, if not master, this amazing and
popular craft.

Author: David Mitchell
Format: English Books
Publisher: Page One
Publication Date: 0000/00

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