ADVANCED PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR ENHANCED ANAEROBIC DIGESTION This book covers almost all the recent advancements in the industry starting from the emerging feed stocks to resource recovery of digestate; providing sufficient details on theories and practices, technologies and technology suppliers: - ADVANCEMENT IN FEED COMPOSITIONS: - Emerging feed stocks - Various co-digestion fed stocks and their characteristics - Feed stocks energy values, ways to evaluate feed stocks' biogas potential, etc. FEED PRE-TREATMENT CATEGORIES AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES: - Information on different feed pre-treatment technologies and commercial suppliers that sell them - Specific information on food waste and source separated organic waste pre-treatment with examples from existing plants and technology suppliers. ENHANCED ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PROCESS CONSIDERATION, CONFIGURATION, AND TECHNOLOGY SELECTION: - Process considerations for optimal performance - Process selection and configurations for enhancing digestion such as feeding mode, reactor stages and configurations, enhancing solid loading and recirculation, different digester types and their performance requirements, etc. - Special focus on co-digestion process consideration, and its specific operating conditions and challenges. BIOGAS CLEANING, UPGRADING AND UTILIZATION: - Information on different biogas cleaning and upgrading technologies and suppliers - Different biogas utilization options and related benefits DIGESTATE TREATMENT AND RESOURCE RECOVERY: - Different digestate treatment and enhancement options like drying, dewatering, evaporation, pyrolysis, gasification, etc. and their related technologies - Emerging resource recovery options and end uses of digestate.

Author: Luxmy Begum P Eng
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 100
Publisher: Green Nook Press
Publication Date: 26 Sep 2014

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