Demographics, globalisation, technology and the knowledge worker are impacting business growth in Asia and across the world. Despite these external issues, many so-called leaders are contributing to internal issues impeding success. People are looking for a quick fix, the magic bullet and the truth is that none exists. Too many managers prefer paper work to people work and the short-term view rather than a longer term view, at the expense of talent and career development which leaves the business brittle and vulnerable.Winning The Talent War is full of stories and insights from company leaders that have taken a longer-term view and who truly understand that without a deep understanding of the business DNA sustained success is problematic at best and highly risky at worst. These businesses are led with an understanding of what is at their core, what is at the centre of the organisation and what really permeates their culture and sustains their success. Kerry Larkan offers compelling insights into what some of the region's best businesses are doing to attract, develop and retain talent, and how companies can stay ahead by using their people, their workforce, as a positive competitive advantage.

About the Author:

Kerry Larkan is an international speaker, consultant and author.

Author: Kerry Larkan
Format: Soft cover
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Publication Date: 28 Apr 2010

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