This volume describes the basic skills and techniques involved in media relations that should be helpful to students and practitioners alike. The author starts by showing how to construct a realistic programme and how the relevant activities can be planned and assessed in the light of organizational objectives. The book covers not only the standard tools of communication such as press releases, mailing lists, photographs, TV and radio interviews, competitions and special offers, but also events like press conferences, factory visits, new product launches and sponsored radio and TV. A feature of this edition is the attention paid to electronic communications, including the use of computers, scanners, modems and satellite telephones. Throughout the test actual examples are given by way of illustration. There are practical hints and tips, and a series of comprehensive checklists.

Author: Judith Ridgway
Format: Paperback
Edition: Revised
Number of Pages: 232
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication Date: 11 Jan 1996

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