In June 1963, Singapore’s prime minister planted a tree to mark the beginning of a sustained campaign to enhance the city state’s appearance. No one could have anticipated the transformation that followed.This is the story of that process. Now, 50 years later, highly urbanized Singapore enjoys a green network of nature reserves, large and small parks, tree-lined streets and community gardens that is the envy of other big cities.Singapore has had to make tough decisions. Land is scarce. There are trade-offs between maintaining the island’s rich, natural biodiversity and public demands for housing and infrastructure appropriate to the 21st century. Nevertheless, the National Parks Board, and its partners in the public, private and civic sectors, continue to strive to keep Singapore green.Lavishly illustrated, the book shows how Singapore aims to be a ‘City in a Garden’, reminding us that the community must engage with the greening ‘mission;, if this great achievement is to continue.

About the Author:

A highly experienced publishing professional with more than 40 years in the industry, Timothy Auger has been responsible editorially for a wide range of books on Singapore and its neighbours, in his former capacity as Editorial Director of Editions Didier Millet, and more recently through his own company Link Editorial. He worked closely with Singapore’s former President S R Nathan on the preparation of the latter’s memoirs An Unexpected Journey: Path to the Presidency, published in September 2011. Tim was also co-editor, under the leadership of Prof. Tommy Koh, of Singapore: The Encyclopedia. His most recent project is Celebrating the Past, Defining the Future, marking the 200th anniversary of Citigroup worldwide, and prepared in collaboration with Citigroup, Inc. in New York. Earlier in his career, Timothy Auger was editorial director of the old-established London publisher, B.T. Batsford Ltd. He graduated from Christ Church, Oxford University.

Author: Timothy Auger
Format: Paperback
Edition: s Didier Millet
Number of Pages: 200
Publisher: Editions Didier Millet
Publication Date: 07 Nov 2013

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