These days life's pressures seem to get to us at a much earlier age, so why wait until you're older to get motivated? "A For Attitude" is for kids of all ages to browse through when in need of inspiration and encouragement, to open at random and read a page or two. It encourages the development of positive attitudes, tackling everything from anger, fear and jealousy, to gossip, health and creativity. Learn about: Believing in yourself; Overcoming fears; Coping with bullies; Asking for help; Dealing with anger; The importance of fun and laughter; Admitting when you're wrong; Learning to relax; How to work towards a goal; Looking for the good in others; and much more.

Author: Julie Davey
Format: Paperback
Edition: s
Number of Pages: 90
Publisher: Times Editions
Publication Date: 24 Nov 2005

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