From the creators of the #1 "New York Times, /I> bestseller "The Book of Useless Information" comes another fun, foolhardy and completely frivolous, fact-filled book."
The Useless Information Society's latest collection, "The Amazing Book of Useless Information," will answer questions readers never even knew they had. From space travel to the history of jelly beans, this wideranging, brain-teasing, and altogether useless book will give readers information to out-trivialize even their cleverest of companions. Features such fascinating facts as:
? There is a town in West Virginia called Looneyville
? Women can talk with less effort than men
? Lemons have more sugar than oranges And answers to these life-changing questions:
? What was the Ancient Roman cure for a stomachache?
? What is a ?buckle bunny
? Where is the coldest place in the universe?

Author: Noel Botham
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Publisher: Perigee Books
Publication Date: 05 Aug 2008

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