Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Publisher: Ballantine Books, 1986
Condition: Softcover, yellowed pages, some wear and tear to cover, annotations on first page, slight foxing on some pages, first few pages are folded at the edge
Irissa, last of the Torloc sorceresses, had been betrayed by the rainbow gate that was supposed to lead her to the haven world of her vanished people. The hand of Kendric, companion and Swordsman of Rule, had been torn from her grasp. Then the gate had rejected her into this strange world where a cold moon hung forever unmoving in the sky.

Now she was a prisoner of the Stonekeeper Sofistron. Around her encircled the pale walls of her cell, filled with half-seen reflections of herself. She was helpless, all her power drained into those other-self images. And this time, there was no Kendric to save her. He was a swordless exile in the Rynth, stranded among the Unkept women and the rim-runner outlaws from the magic Stonekeeps.

Somewhere, she knew, there had to be another gate, a way out from this hostile world. Somewhere, somehow...

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