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The book is recommended for children ages 6 to 13, but those older and even adults may enjoy the book as well.
“I’m a Girl. See what I can be!” is a series of poems written by the creator and executive producer of the International Emmy® Nominated series WomenTalk, Eunice Olsen. Inspired by the interviews she has done on WomenTalk, this collection of poems features stories of 10 strong and courageous Asian women. The women hail from Singapore, The Philippines, Nepal and Thailand.

The 10 women featured in this book are:

Anamika Subba, an Outreach Officer from Nepal with Childreach Nepal, an organisation that aims to improve access to healthcare, education and child protection.

Faith Ng, a Singaporean playwright, who has written several award-winning plays that shed light on important social issues.

Dr Gerlinda Lucas, a passionate doctor from the Philippines who has lived and worked in countries, such as Russia, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

See Too Hoi Siang Joanna, a Chinese opera artist in Singapore, who has dedicated her life to keeping this traditional art form alive.

Lek, who runs a sanctuary for elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is known as the “Elephant Mother”. 

Lena Sim, a self-made entrepreneur and the founder of Ministry of Food (MOF), a restaurant chain in Singapore.

Lily Goh, the founder of ExtraOrdinary Horizons, a social enterprise in Singapore which advocates on behalf of the deaf community.

Melissa Sarah Wee, a physique competitor in Singapore who competes internationally and also empowers others as a fitness instructor.

Nina Rotela aka Cute, a domestic worker from the Philippines who has lived in Singapore for more than 20 years and volunteers at H.O.M.E, a non-profit organisation that empowers migrant workers.

Theresa Goh, a Singaporean national swimmer and a Paralympic medalist.

Through this series of poems, Eunice hopes to encourage girls from all over the world to know they can be who they want to be and to never give up, just like these women role models whose stories give us hope and strength. This book is for the boys as well, who will play a really important role and be there to empower these girls, to respect women and to help bring our world to gender parity.Having also been inspired by many people who are differently abled, many of whom have been featured on WomenTalk, Eunice felt the best people to illustrate the books would be differently abled artists. 10 talented artists have interpreted the poems in their own unique way and have given life and perspective to the words in the poems.

Author: Eunice Olsen
Number of Pages: 115
Publisher: Eunice Olsen Media
Publication Date: 2018

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