Author: Richard Wollheim
Publisher: Peregrine, 1969
Condition: Softcover, interior clean
F. H. Bradley was the greatest of the Anglo-Hegelian metaphysicians and moralists of the late nineteenth century. But for many philosophers today his reputation as the chief pillar of the classical tradition of philosophy has never recovered from the attacks of Russell, G. E. Moore. and later empiricists. In this Peregrine Richard Wollheim argues that much twentieth-century criticism of Bradley has been misconceived: for his ldealism rested less on extravagant speculation than on a theory of thought and symbolism which was itself an attempt to deal with certain general problems of meaning that are still very relevant today. AsA. J. Ayer writes in his foreword: 'In the field of logic, of moral philosophy and of the philosophy of mind he was concerned with important problems; and there is much still to be learned from his attempts to solve them.'

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