Author: Paul J. Zak

Why are men less faithful than women? Why are some people altruists and others cold-hearted bastards? Why do some businesses succeed while others collapse? In his entertaining and groundbreaking book, Paul Zak answers these essential questions about human nature and the way we live. Oxytocin, a hormone generally associated with childbirth, is present in all of us and can explain the underlying biology of decision making and behavioural trust. Oxytocin is what makes us empathetic, and is therefore the fundamental control mechanism that orchestrates morality. From his unusual 'vampire studies', which involve taking blood from wedding guests to see if the romantic ritual increases oxytocin (it does), to working with US Military troops to balance oxytocin with testosterone, this study takes us from corporate offices to Buddhist monasteries. In doing so Zak demonstrates how businesses and whole economies are affected by oxytocin, and his studies into an oxytocin based drug that could treat autism, anxiety and post-traumatic-stress disorder, show us its potential influence on society as a whole. Vampire Economics will leave you with new knowledge of human nature, and introduces oxytocin - a chemical that influences every aspect of our lives.

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