Author: Lorelei Mathias

Laugh out loud, speed-date and be totally charmed by Step on it, Cupid, a delightful romantic comedy by Lorelei Mathias, perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella, Nicola Doherty and Mhari McFarlane. Amelie's life is arranged just how she likes it. Well, most of the time. She has a brilliant job she adores, a great social life and a love life she can take or leave. So it's a shock when she realises that everyone she knows seem to be happily coupled up. Is it time she thought about settling down? Assigned a nightmarish project in work - writing the ad campaign for Britain's biggest speed-dating company - Amelie is forced into doing market research, against her will. But with her best mate Duncan, her annoying boss Joshua and her ex-boyfriend Jack all causing havoc in her life, maybe a speed-dating romance could be her salvation? Charming, engrossing and romantic, Step on it, Cupid is a modern spin on the oldest story of them all - how to fall in love... And don't miss Lorelei's other fabulous romance, Lost for Words.

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