Author: Sarmukh Singh

Sam is a primary school boy, burdened by big problems. His main objective at his tender age is to be noticed and loved by his family, friends and other people in authority, like his teachers. Undergoing severe tests, sometimes almost at the point of death, his resilience shows through and he bounces back from each trial, buck teeth at the fore, seemingly none the worse for wear and ready for more. Also, when members of his extended family were at his age, they had had their own moments of joy and disappointments, as well as their fair share of trials and tribulations when they were growing up. Their idiosyncrasies and feelings towards other family members show up during a gathering for an impromptu birthday party. But their love and underlying respect for each other, particularly for their elders, is strong although it is not openly obvious, manifesting when crises strike; and then the tribe draws its wagons in a circle, prepared to take on the world! And this tale has it all. Flying Cockroaches, Poltergeists, Bullies, Vicious Pets, Lovable and Hate-able Teachers, Family Differences, Greed, Need, Crime, Death, Joy, Sadness, Snakes, And Diverse... A heartening light-read that encompasses all age groups, races, and past and present times. Many a reader will identify themselves and empathize with the episodes related here. Especially when it involves three generations from early Malayan and relatively modern Singapore school life.

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