Third novel in the Covert-One series.

When an explosion destroys the esteemed Pasteur Institute in Paris, cyber-wizard Marty Zellerbach is left in a coma, while one of the world's top computer scientists - Emile Chambord - goes missing. Although a terrorist group takes credit for the bombing, American and British officials begin to wonder whether there might be an even more sinister plot at work.

Meanwhile, in a clandestine army lab in Colorado, Lt. Col. Jon Smith is part of a team working to create a DNA computer, the most powerful computer the world has ever seen.

When Jon learns his old friend Marty is seriously injured, he intends to leave for Paris. Then Nathan Klein, the shadowy chief of Covert-One, shows up with an assignment - find Dr. Chambord who, it turns out, has built the world's first working molecular computer and the implications if it falls into the hands of a rogue government or terrorist cell are terrifying...

From Paris to London, Brussels and Algiers, Smith searches for the scientist and the forces behind the bombing, uncovering a web of deception on the brink of reshaping Europe and threatening the destruction of the United States.

Author: Robert Ludlum
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 656
Publisher: HarperCollins s
Publication Date: 01 Feb 2003

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