While many adults envy the gap year students who take a year off to roam the world, an increasing number of them are putting normal life on hold to follow their own gap year dreams. Gap Years for Grown Ups is a complete and comprehensive guide to how to do it, complete with an enormous range of opportunities and first-hand accounts from people who have actually done it. Information includes: specialist gap year schemes that accept older participants; jobs and voluntary work around the world; ideas for pursuing a hobby or new project. This guide also offers superb advice on issues that will concern older gappers, such as how to persuade your boss to give you leave, ensuring that you have a job to return to, and how to finance a trip. While this book offers practical information and advice, its sister book, The Grown Up Gap Year Diaries, gives a personal insight into a gap year adventure, and takes readers on a journey through the highs and lows of travelling the globe. "A comprehensive guide to career breaks" Daily Telegraph "Informative and full of ideas and contacts" The Times

Author: Susan Griffith
Format: Paperback
Edition: Revised
Number of Pages: 346
Publisher: Vacation - Work
Publication Date: 15 Jul 2009

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