This book traces the development from 1960, when the Singapore Institute of Architects was set up. It celebrates the best of Singapore architecture over the past fort decades since the 1960's, featuring buildings that the Institute believes have added to the country's short but rich heritage in this area. They were selected by a Committee that included many of the nation's most senior architects.Every aspect of our life is likely to be affected by the built environment, and therefore the responsibility of the architect is heavy. This is so for the architects Singapore, who were paramount in working with the government, the developers and the users for the last four decades on building our city. Whatever the architect does shows. And the purpose of this book is to capture the milestones of architectural endeavours and achievements, as well as to reflect on the education that went on behind the scene in the cultivation of architects in Singapore. - Features a pictorial history of contemporary Singapore works executed both locally and overseas, arranged chronologically and set against a short history of the political, social, economic and physical development of the nation from the sixties to the nineties. The works have won the SIA design awards or other competitions before, or are coherent in design and are significant milestones in the historical developments. - Features four writers' views and analysis of the history of architecture and place. - Records two animated forums attended by the profession and the academia; one being the NUS-SIA Architectural Educational Roundtable, and the other being the SIA Contemporary Singapore Architecture Roundtable. An index of building illustrated is also added to facilitate the search for specific buildings.

Author: NIL
Format: Book
Number of Pages: 304
Publisher: Singapore Institute of Architects
Publication Date: 01 Jan 1998

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