This is a junior novelization of "Rango", Paramount's animated family feature film starring Johnny Depp, releasing Spring 2011. It is suitable for children aged up to 6 years old. An unlikely chameleon hero saves the day in this hilarious novelization of "Rango", Paramount's animated family feature film which releases Spring 2011. Pet chameleon Rango is stranded in the desert and finds his way to Dirt, a tumbleweeds town outside Las Vegas inhabited by hundreds of gun-slinging, ten gallon hat-wearing critters. Lost and lonely, Rango bravely straps on a pair of chaps and tells a tall tale that convinces the towns folk to appoint him sheriff. Unfortunately, Rango blew into Dirt just as the town's water supply is inexplicably shut off - and the bank's reserves have been robbed. Everyone is counting on Rango to save the day and before he knows it, Rango embarks on the adventure of a lifetime and confronts the Wild West's outlaws as he tries to out the unlikely villain and restore water to Dirt. This slap-stick, high-noon showdown features behind the scenes sketches throughout the text plus an 8-page, full-colour photo insert.

Author: Justine Fontes
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 144
Publisher: Sterling Juvenile
Publication Date: 02 Mar 2011

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