Every nonprofit organization, regardless of its size, needs publicity to drive awareness of its goals. Yet, breaking through the clutter in today's information-overloaded society poses a huge challenge to organizations of all sizes. In "Publicity for Nonprofits: Generating Media Exposure That Leads to Awareness, Growth and Contributions, "award-winning publicist Sandra Beckwith shows how to capture the public's attention with successful publicity strategies geared specifically for nonprofit organizations. Fascinating nonprofit case studies, detailed instructions, and a rich array of publicity tools and tactics will help your nonprofit organization learn how to: Create an affordable publicity plan that integrates goals, objectives, and key strategies Determine which tools and tactics will have the most impact on your goals Develop and pitch newsworthy stories with powerful messages that will capture media attention and resonate with your audiences Maximize the publicity potential of your organization's activities, talents and resources An excellent roadmap that emphasizes "how""to" information, "Publicity for Nonprofits "is a must have resource for all nonprofit professionals - especially those who know their organization deserves more media attention to achieve its goals.

Author: Sandra Beckwith
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Publisher: Kaplan AEC Education
Publication Date: 01 Jun 2006

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