Book by Lim, Catherine


Stories of joss-sticks and temples, alcohol and money, spouses, parents, and children - all are included in this collection. Singapore is a mixture of nationalities, religions, and classes, and Catherine Lim seems to represent them all. These are stories of people struggling with abject poverty, everyday situations, and lifestyles that are not copacetic with one's disposition. Often the catalyst in the story is a peripheral character, one that may never even speak but may provide the impact, and many times the irony, that make these haunting stories. One man reacts to a conversation with someone he just met: "What had lain dead in him all these years stirred uneasily to life: his heart filled, his mind crowded with dim visitations and images. He was awash in a tide of feeling too great to resist, so he wept." Many of these stories are sad: a character climbs a hill, only to find a mountain. But Catherine Lim provides just enough paradox to allow the reader to laugh and empathize with her characters. She peeks and pokes into lives, uncovering unexpected strengths and unconscious weaknesses. -- For great reviews of books for girls, check out Let's Hear It for the Girls: 375 Great Books for Readers 2-14. -- From 500 Great Books by Women; review by Holly Smith

Author: Catherine Lim
Format: Soft cover
Publisher: Heinemann Asia
Publication Date: 1980

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