Author: Alpheus Thomas Mason
Publisher: The Viking Press, 1946
Condition: Hardcover, no dust jacket, yellowed pages, broken cover, markings on first page, interior clean
From a review: "This is the classic biography of Justice Brandeis, who despite his elite social setting, never lost touch with the fundamental human need for justice that begins with the protection of individual rights as found in a human scale of meaningful life. This meant that the overall human enterprise must respect and sustain life at its face to face level in every walk of life, and that we jeopardize our collective well-being in our being seduced by institutions that in their enlargement reduce us to anonymous membership in the herd. Despite questions about his, at times, contradictory judicial methods, and his quirky admiration for time studies in industry, his intentions remained true and consistent and need to be reexamined in this age of freedom crushing institutional scale."

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