In "Golf" magazine's "How to Hit Every Shot", "Golf"'s top 100 teachers show you how to play 100 different shots from the tee, fairway, trouble areas and around the green. Their simple, step-by-step methods are easy to follow, learn and repeat, So you can use them the next time you play"Learn how to tackle awkward lies and shape shots and to hit speciality chips and pitches that allow you to get the ball close to the hole every time. Instructional text is paired with hundreds of full-colour photos so you can see exactly what you need to do pull off every shot imaginable. "How to Hit Every Shot" is the ultimate shot making primer. You'll always know what shot to play and, more importantly, how to hit it. It is accompanied by 30-minute DVD!

Author: Golf Magazine
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 192
Publisher: Time Inc Home Entertaiment
Publication Date: 21 Oct 2008

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