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Science, Technology, and Paradigm Shifts - Thryft

Science, Technology, and Paradigm Shifts

Whether we like it or not, Science and Technology dominate our world today. In light of the rapid and exponential advancements in scientific and technological innovation, I’d like to encourage readers to stay curious about “how did it all happen?”, and “where will this lead us to?”. The books in this selection explores the implications of evolving science and technology on our lives, both in fictional and real-world contexts. From introductory books on essential concepts to written accounts on tech companies and pivotal discoveries, there is a title for every reader’s inner geek, and for every supporter or skeptic of science and tech. P.S. Look out for bonus titles published in the 70s-90s for a reminiscence of various milestones in the internet revolution!

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The Shift : The Future of Work is Already Here

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