Humour and poignancy are intricately entwined in this novel about Vamana, a dwarf, abandoned by his parents and adopted by Maji, a woman who sees beyond the child's deformity to the humanity within. As Vamana grows older, he realises that he is always going to be an outcast, despite his magical gift for storytelling. Drawn to the dark, seedy and dangerous underworld of Delhi, Vamana makes himself a home alongside the pimps, pickpockets, prostitutes and hjiras (eunechs) who populate its depths.With his unique storytelling skills he achieves a level of fame amongst this motley cast of characters, causing him to refuse all offers of redemption and acceptance from the 'normal' world. Vamana enjoys his notoriety and, despite craving acceptance, he refuses to give up his infamous reputation and once again become an object of ridicule.

It is not the dereliction of his life that brings his downfall, but love erceiving a threat to the object of his desires, Vamana reacts with violence, and must pay the consequences.

Author: Adib Khan
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 355
Publisher: HarperCollins s (Australia) Pty Ltd
Publication Date: 05 Jul 2000

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