Author: J.P. Donleavy
Publisher: Penguin Books, 1976
Condition: Softcover, Very Good, Minor scuffs on book edges, Slight creasing on book spine

No stone is left unturned in this ruthless guide to social etiquette, no left turn unstoned; even the most shameful and embarassing occasions can be used to your advantage. With this book in your hand, Duchess cease to appal, long- and well-lost friends to mystify; at a word, with donleavy's help, you can smash a ruval's social pretensions and vindicate your own with ease. Donleavy shows that the race is not always to the swift- especially if it suits you to turn up five hours late- nor the battle to the strong. Whether you're puzzled by the meaning of life of merely lacking the basic human decenies, rest assures that you can reach the top, Socially Registered or not! For Donleavy shows you how!

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