Downsizing. Risk taking. Change. These words reverberate through the economic climate of the nineties and illustrate exactly why goal setting is more imperative than ever. In The New Dynamics of Goal Setting, bestselling author Denis Waitley carries you beyond standard goal-setting routines to a new methodology for success. With his innovative Flextactics program, he demonstrates powerful techniques for recognizing and achieving goals in business and life, and his Twenty-One-Day Action Plan promises immediate results. Waitley shows you how to:
-- Thrive on risk as a part of life and find hidden opportunities
-- Excel in competitive environments
-- Eliminate time-wasting activities...and much more.
Whether you are changing careers or revitalizing a current job, The New Dynamics of Goal Setting is the key to success.

Author: Denis Waitley
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 177
Publisher: HarperCollins s Inc
Publication Date: 16 Aug 1996

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