FEATURES: *Emphasizes the basic concepts and the design aspects of control systems. *Avoids highly mathematical arguments but provides mathematical proofs whenever they contribute to an understanding of the material. *Includes examples at strategic points throughout (over 100 total). *Contains numerous worked problems (A-problems) at the end of each chapter (over 200 total), and 200 unsolved problem (B-problems). *Provides introductory discussion on the two-degrees-of-freedom control system, and introduces design conditions on robust control. *Presents an example of a design of a nonlinear model- reference control system. First formulates conditions for Liapunov stability; then designs the system within these limitations. NEW TO THIS EDITION: *NEW-Reorganizes content to cover all basic materials of control systems in the first 10 chapters, leaving advanced topics (such as state-space analysis and design of control systems) to the last 3. *NEW-Gives detailed explanations of how to write MATLAB programs to solve a variety of problems in control engineering. Includes MATLAB approaches to: *Obtain step response, ramp response, and impulse response of control systems.
*Plotting root loci, Bode diagrams, and Nyquist diagrams. *Solving (both analytically and computationally) pole-placement problems, observer design problems, and quadratic optimal control problems. *NEW-Expands coverage of the design aspects of control engineering - with many new design problems. *NEW-Adds an introduction to robust control (Ch.10). * NEW-Adds many new computational problems - all solved with MATLAB.

Author: Katsuhiko Ogata
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 997
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 17 Sep 1996

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